doughnutWhat did you eat on Fat Tuesday?  Fat Tuesday is the day before Lent begins.  Many people give up something or fast during Lent as a sacrifice.  Fat Tuesday is a day that many people feast before Lent begins.  One food that has become popular to eat on Fat Tuesday is paczki, a fried doughnut usually filled with a fruit filling.   A paczki can have between 400 to 1200 calories.

Someone brought paczki in to where I work on Fat Tuesday.  It was tempting to eat one, especially when everyone else was eating one, but I resisted.  Fortunately, I had done an intense workout of squats and lunges 2 days before and was still feeling the muscle pain, so I didn’t want to waste that hard work by eating something so unhealthy.  That’s one advantage of working out.  It often helps you make better choices with your eating, because you’ve worked so hard to burn the calories that you don’t want to undo that hard work.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.  Sometimes when people work out, they feel justified to eat more snacks, treats, or just eat more calories.  Too often people eat more calories than they burned when working out and they wonder why they don’t lose weight.  This is a common problem.

Your weight is affected by 80% of what you eat and 20% of the exercise that you do.  It’s more important to eat healthy than to exercise.

We just returned from a vacation at Disney World.  We did a lot of walking and my legs felt great from the exercise!  However, we were somewhat limited to what we could eat, because we had to choose whatever they served at the resort and Disney parks.  Fortunately, they did offer great tasting fruit.  Eating out is always a challenge and I did my best to choose healthy options.  I ended up maintaining my weight.  I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain any.  I consider that a success.

Be sure to celebrate each little success.  Each little success can add up to a big success.  If you can’t resist some temptations, don’t beat yourself up.  Just get back on track and celebrate those times that you do.  Sometimes resisting temptations is the biggest success, so give yourself a pat on the back.