friendsDo you have friends that bring you dessert when you are trying to lose weight?  Maybe they bring you a plate of food, so you don’t have to walk down the stairs.  Your friends and family mean well.  They think they are helping you when they are actually sabotaging all of your hard work.

How do you respond when they do these helpful things?  Do you just say “Thank you”, because they are just trying to be thoughtful?  It’s hard to be angry or upset when someone does something for you and they think they are helping you.  You don’t want to tell them “no thanks”, because that would be rude.  The reality is that we sometimes use their offer to help as an excuse to give in to temptations.  It’s easier to accept the food and justify giving in to unhealthy options.

Do you struggle with temptation and find it impossible to resist when someone places food in front of you?  Maybe your family has always bonded over going out to eat or baking together.  You don’t want to give up these activities because this is a tradition or you enjoy spending this time with them, but you know it’s not helping you lose weight.

Does your spouse, friend, or roommate ask you to go out to eat on a regular basis?  You know that eating out is not as healthy as eating at home.  You bring a healthy lunch to work and coworkers ask you to go out to eat.  It’s difficult because you are trying to be healthy, but you don’t want to be rude and you enjoy their company.

What can you do?

  • Talk to your family and friends and tell them you need their help.
    • Let them know that you need their support and encouragement to avoid temptation.
    • Give them examples of things they can do to help you, like getting you some fresh fruit instead of dessert.
    • Ask them to help you avoid the dessert someone brought to work.
  • Find other activities that you can enjoy with your family instead of baking or eating out.
    • Try working out together
    • Take a walk together
    • Go shopping
    • Take up a new hobby like painting or some type of craft that you can do together.
    • Go to the local fitness center together
    • Take an exercise class together
    • Bond over new places like a museum, an amusement park, a spa, or historical places.
    • Try new activities like cross country skiing, sledding, tennis, mini golf, roller skating, or ice skating.
  • Find healthy options to replace eating out.
    • Find healthy new recipes to make together
    • Do some research of local restaurants and find those that offer healthy options.  Then stick to those restaurants.
    • Make a healthy picnic and eat it at a park or at the beach.
    • Go to a place where you can make meals ahead and freeze them (Often we just don’t feel like cooking).
    • Hire a friend to make healthy meals ahead for you.

The key is to let your friends know you need their help and support and tell them how they can help.  Then they will be more likely to help you.  If your friends or family continue to sabotage your efforts, you need to be honest with them.  They may not realize what they are doing that hinders your weight loss efforts.  If your friends still continue to tempt you, find new friends that will support you.

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