077I was watching an NFL pregame news story the other day about a 40 year old mother of 2 that became an NFL cheerleader.  It was an amazing story.  When she was talking to her family and friends about the tryouts and her dream to become a cheerleader, someone made the comment, “Well, that ship has sailed.”  Despite the lack of encouragement, she decided to try out anyway.  She also has an incurable kidney disease, which will eventually cause her to lose her kidney function.

This alone would have discouraged most people not to follow their dream, but she went for it.  She worked out for 6 months before the try outs and she looked incredible.  She made the team and proved the doubters wrong.

Part of the reason I loved this story is that I’m in my 40s and it was great to see someone that age that had a dream and made it happen.  It also inspired me because I remember reading something a few years ago that said that women over 40 shouldn’t wear bikinis.  I’ve been on a mission since then to prove them wrong.

Many of us have people in our lives that are negative and discourage us when we have a dream, want to try new things or even when we want to lose weight.  I’m lucky to have a husband, family and friends that are supportive.  It’s important to surround yourself with people that will support you.  However, when others do try to discourage you, remember that the only opinion that matters is your own.  It’s important to believe in yourself.

Motivation comes from within.  The cheerleader had a dream and that dream was powerful enough to motivate her to work hard and make it a reality.  What motivates you?  What dreams do you have?  Are your dreams worth doing whatever it takes to reach them?  You are worth it!  Believe in yourself!

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”   Thomas A. Edison

I love this quote by Thomas Edison.  He never gave up.  He knew the importance of trying one more time.  Remember, small steps lead to big results.  The following link to prevention magazine’s website gives 15 small changes that will lead to weight loss results.


I also love the simple ideas in the following blog “The Wellness Bucket” written by Mike Goncalves.  Mike is part of a Live Your Legend Creator’s Guild that I joined.  He points out how easy it is to find time in our schedule to exercise.  He gives great advice that’s easy to follow.  He talks about committing to just 5 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch and 5 minutes at night.


I try to do 5 minutes of planks in the morning to work my abs.  I can do this while I’m watching the news.  I’m not saying that I have six pack abs, but it makes me feel better about myself.  When you work your abs you form a good foundation and improve your balance.  Working your abs also helps improve your back muscles.  I’ve found that when I do some exercise in the morning (anything), I’m more likely to do more later.  Starting off your day with exercise also gets your metabolism going and helps you burn fat throughout the day.  If you can do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, that will add up too.  Sometimes I tell myself that I will exercise for just 10 minutes and it feels so great, that I end up doing it for longer.  Just make a commitment to start out small.

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