This holidessertday season I lost my willpower and went on a sugar binge.  One of my weaknesses is chocolate fudge and I made a batch intending to give some to our neighbors along with other homemade goodies.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make all of the goodies in one day, so I started eating the fudge (I didn’t want it to dry out –that was my excuse).  Before I knew it, I had eaten most of it myself.  Well, one thing I have discovered about myself is that once I start eating sugary foods, I crave them even more and start eating more of them.  Over the holidays this is easy to do because they are everywhere.  I also found that as I eat more and more unhealthy foods, it becomes easier to justify eating more.  It’s a sugar addiction and the thought pattern is, “well, I’ve fallen off the wagon, what are a few more chocolates going to hurt?”  What adds to this dangerous pattern is that when I eat unhealthy I also don’t exercise and because I don’t exercise I’m less likely to eat healthy.  It’s a vicious cycle.

The worst part is, I know it’s happening and I have a hard time getting back on track.  I’ve noticed in the past that when I exercise every day, I’m more likely to eat healthy because I don’t want to do all that work for nothing.

I understand why so many people make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, because they overeat during the holidays and feel miserable.  They gain weight and their pants are too tight, so they want to make a fresh start.  Most people know what it takes to lose weight (exercise and eat healthy), but it takes effort to do it.  That’s where a good support system comes in.  Many people try to get their spouse to eat healthy and exercise so they will be more likely to eat healthy and exercise themselves.  They often blame their partner for not helping them stay on track.  If someone is not ready and willing to become healthy, you can’t force it on them.  The best thing to do is find a friend that already wants to eat healthy and exercise and work together toward that goal.  If you don’t already know someone that can be your fitness partner, attend an exercise class and meet some new people that already have the same goal in mind.  Don’t use your spouse or partner as an excuse for not getting healthy yourself.  You are the only one that controls what you do.

When you exercise and eat better, you will feel better.  It’s amazing how much better you will feel.  You will have more energy, a better attitude, and feel good about yourself.  There’s a lot of research that suggest that most health issues and diseases can be cured or improved by eating healthy and exercising.  I fully believe it makes a difference.

I used to have some back pain before I started exercising and now that I exercise on a regular basis, the back pain is gone.  I also used to have pain in my legs and arms on occasion.  My mom had Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which started with pain in her legs and arms, so I was concerned that I was having the same symptoms.  I had done a lot of research on the disease and read the importance of exercise, so I became obsessed with exercising.   I never have the pain anymore.

I think many people start having pain from different diseases and avoid exercise or physical activity because it hurts.  I’ve read a lot about people that push through the pain and end up feeling better.  The important thing is not to give up and to fight back against the pain.  Eating healthier foods is important too.  Avoid a lot of sugar, fried foods, and processed foods.  The best foods to eat are all natural, like fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, beans, and whole grains.

Well, now that the holidays are over I can get back on track eating healthier and exercising.  The important thing to remember is just because you “fall off the wagon” and eat a lot of sugar, you can get right back on and start eating healthy again.  It’s never too late.  Happy holidays!