leah head and shoulderI’m so excited to start a blog about health and fitness.  I’m passionate about being healthy and sharing that with others.  I’m 46 and feel healthier and have more energy than when I was 30.  I had 2 children when I was in my early twenties and had my third child when I was 35.  I had a high metabolism when I was younger, so I didn’t have to worry about exercising or eating healthy.  I soon realized that as we age, I had to start exercising and eating right so I wouldn’t gain weight.  As I started to be more healthy and exercise, I couldn’t believe the new energy I suddenly had.  I can play baseball with my 11 year old son.  Our family went hiking in the Grand Canyon and I recently climbed a tree to try my first zip line, which was awesome!  When my daughter was in seventh grade I went to watch volleyball games a lot and my back hurt from sitting on the bleachers.  Now that I exercise on a regular basis, I can sit on bleachers for hours without any problem.  Exercise has changed my life!